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LESCO Online Bill Payment | Most Effective Methods

Your LESCO’s Bill Payment due date has arrived and you have no time to visit a bank? Yes, we can make LESCO online bill payment. Stop worrying about it now because online bill payment has got your back. As we all know that it’s a busy world, in which online payment succeeds.

Offline bill payments are a headache for those people who are busy 24/7 and have not a minute to spare. So in that case, I will introduce the latest online payment methods as well as techniques that will be helpful.

The future is all about online banking, online internet services, and mobile internet accounts. You can save your precious time from being wasted while using online methods for bill payments.

LESCO is a government-based power supply company that gives multiple payment opportunities to its customers. LESCO cares about its users as a result; it has made electricity bill payment simpler and reliable.

    LESCO Online Bill Payment Methods

     There are numerous offline and online bill payment methods, but we have brought you the best one. Whether it’s the banking system, mobile apps, mobile accounts, or any other source of cash transfer or payment, LESCO approves all methods.
    The three most important online methods will help you to make an online payment on time.

    How to Pay the LESCO Bill Online?

    Now commercial banking has made everything trouble-free and easy to go with.  You just have to choose the banks that are associated with the LESCO.
    LESCO Online Bill Payment

    Therefore, there is a list of banks that have partnered with this power supply company, such as:

    Habib Bank Limited (HBL)

    Habib bank is the most famous bank that is recognized country-wise. Government companies and other private organizations mostly use HBL mobile banking, mobile apps, and other bill payment services. Moreover, it is a trustable bank that offers several utility and bill payment services.

    HBL banking is simple, you just have to follow a few mandatory steps and you are good to go.
    Steps That You Must Follow While Using Online Banking:


    Download the HBL mobile banking or online banking app.
    Open the HBL online banking web page.
    Select the option of internet banking or mobile banking.
    Then choose the option whether you want to make payment of bills through a credit card or via a bank account.]
    Just enter the necessary details and click the ‘go’ button.
    That’s how you score…

    Muslim Commercial bank (MCB)

    MCB is also a well-known bank that has good banking facilities as well as services. Through MCB online banking you can easily transfer payments, cash, or carry out any other financial transaction. Furthermore, you can avail of the MCB mobile app. And then simply pay your LESCO bill while making online transactions without any hassle.

    Moreover, it has an availability of online billers specifically for LESCO utilities and other online bill payments. You just have to enter your personal information and you are ready to pay your utility bill.

    Askari Bank Limited

    Askari online internet banking is also available that can be used by the customers for paying their utility bills online. In this case, you just have to go to the app store, from where you will download the ABL app. Then, go to an ABL home, make your account. You will receive an SMS of confirmation.

    There you go, you are ready to run. Mobile banking is now just a piece of cake because all you need is a phone and a banking app.

    Bank Al-Falah

    Bank Alfalah only requires your online banking account in Alfalah and a BAFL Debit card for paying utility bills online. Through Alfalah internet banking makes your transactions just like that.

    Allied Bank

    Allied bank is also a partner in online banking with LESCO. Just follow some essential steps and then use Allied online banking at your convenience. Allied digital and phone banking has made life uncomplicated. All you have to do is,
    Get registered with myABL-internet banking
    Fill in your billing details in your account
    Start paying your utility bills.

    Faysal Bank

    Last but not the least, Faysal bank also ensures the customers of LESCO to use the internet/online or phone banking.

    Faisal bank brings for you a user-friendly method of money transfer, bill payment, and making transactions via online medium. Digital banking is not a hassle anymore for anyone. So just keep your frustration aside and enjoy Faisal’s digital banking.

    Key steps are:

    Make your digital account while using the Faisal bank app
    Directly login to Digibank Mobile App
    Choose the option ‘payments’
    Then choose the category for the bill payment
    Then choose the option of the bill payment company
    Enter your reference number or a consumer number, to get all the details
    Go to ‘pay now’ or ‘pay later’

    Easypaisa App

    It is another quality service for the users who have everything in their phones. Whereas, payments of the bill and making online money transfer has been even more simplified by Easypaisa.
    For this, you have to download, Easypaisa app on your mobile phone. Select the option of ‘Credit Card.’ enter all your details. You will receive an SMS confirmation or an email. Finally, carry out digital bill payment.

    JazzCash App

    It is one of the easiest ways to make online payments for utilities and bills. In this case, you have to download the app ‘JazzCash.’ Make your mobile account and dial customer number *786#. Choose option #2 for bill payments. Then choose #5 for internet banking. Select your internet service and enter your consumer number.

    In the next option, either use partial payment or full payment. Enter the amount you want to pay.  Lastly, you will receive MPIN and a confirmation message.

    Same as Easypaisa, you can have your account credited through any designated JazzCash retailer and easily pay your bills.

    Above all, these mobile banking systems and online bank services have made life easy and user-friendly. Everything seems so smooth like it was never before. Furthermore, all these banks mentioned above provide high-security features to facilitate its customers. Also, it ensures secure bank transactions and transfers.
    Or you can deposit the required amount through any Easypaisa retailer and pay your bill.

    How to Get a Duplicate Electricity Bill by LESCO?

    Moreover, you can also get a duplicate electricity bill by LESCO. You can access all the commercial banks that are being authorized by LESCO to pay bills. You have to follow two steps,

    Firstly, Enter your reference number
    Or Secondly, provide your consumer ID
    You can obtain a duplicate electricity bill. LESCO Duplicate Bill

    What are the Future Concerns of LESCO?

    The future of LESCO is quite bright if the authorities pay a little extra attention.  Hence, LESCO is a huge company that promotes the use of online/ internet or mobile banking. Still, some issues need to be sorted out.

    Therefore, future perspectives of LESCO and its team are very high that needs to be appreciated. All they have to do is to improve online banking and manage digital banking in other domains as well.

    Introduction About Lesco

    LESCO is a power supply company that provides the opportunity for digital banking to its users. Pakistan is one of the countries where people enjoy world-class digital banking and stay committed to it.

    However, digital banking or LESCO customer services tend to simplify life for their users while using the latest online payment methods. Apart from all, it provides quick access to all the conventional techniques as well as account services.

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